Something Must Be Done

When Jesus was betrayed and arrested leading to his crucifixion, the Bible reminds us that both the Jewish officials and the Roman governor wanted Jesus gone.  Even the Jewish high priest was quoted as saying “It’s better that one man die rather than the whole nation perish.”  And the Roman governor cried out, “Here’s your King…you crucify him!”

Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, and called upon the people to repent of their sins and place their faith and trust in Him.  And this was too much for the Jewish officials and the Roman governor.  How dare this man make such claims and demand such obedience.  Something must be done!  We have to get rid of Jesus!  Little did they know that they would facilitate Jesus’ work.  He came to this world to die for our sins.  Jesus did what had to be done.

Jesus, the one and only Son of God, came to this world and died on the cross for our sins… yours and mine.  You and I need this because you and I are sinners, deserving of condemnation.  Something must be done!  Here’s the good news…Jesus died for you and for me.

We cherish the banners on display in the sanctuary of Grace Point Church, which were created during the 1970s by Janet McCuen, a beloved parishioner and elder of our church.  Janet’s handiwork, reflective of the style of the times, nevertheless displays her passion for God’s word, as they inspire us to worship even today.

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