Shelter in the Midst of a Storm

My wife, my mom and I take the opportunity to visit an area estate sale when we can.  I’m pretty particular about what I’ll purchase.  I always glance through the books for sale, but I’m also looking for golf clubs, antique road bricks, certain knives, and pre-50 star American flags, and then the occasional odd […]

The Lamb of God Banner

Of all of Janet McCuen’s banners, this is certainly my favorite.  We’ve had this banner for a long time…there’s a film of a worship service here in 1974, and this banner is prominently displayed in the sanctuary, up front and just to the left of the pulpit.  The image here depicted is that of the […]

You’re Invited

There is a real sense in which Jesus fasted on our behalf.  The gospels record for us that Jesus has one final meal with his disciples on the night he was betrayed and arrested.  According to the record, he did not eat any food all that next day.  While on the cross, Jesus said that […]

Elementor #428

Have You Met Bubba? Allow me to introduce you to my truck. His name is Bubba. We picked his name because he reminds us of the South. I spent my teenage years there. I met my wife there. We raised our kids there. Our grandkids live there. I suppose they’ll bury me there. Bubba reminds […]

Elementor #418

Something Must Be Done When Jesus was betrayed and arrested leading to his crucifixion, the Bible reminds us that both the Jewish officials and the Roman governor wanted Jesus gone.  Even the Jewish high priest was quoted as saying “It’s better that one man die rather than the whole nation perish.”  And the Roman governor […]